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What is a Montreal-Style Bagel, anyway?

We begin with our naturally leavened, fermented dough which is hand-shaped, and boiled in honey water. The addition of honey makes them slightly sweeter and chewier than other bagels.


Not all bagels are created equal. At Spread, we know that these days you can get a bagel just about anywhere. That’s why our our mission is to create the best bagel experience. That starts with the superior ingredients that we can thoughtfully procure. In other words, those aren’t just any ‘ole sesame seeds all over your bagel!


When Spread is in your name, your spreads have to impress. All cream cheese flavors are made fresh in our kitchen with the exception of our plant-based cream cheese.


Our customers tell us that the first bite into our award winning BEC Sandwich (AKA “The Standard”) is somewhat of an out of body experience.


We’re proud of our Philly roots which is why we’ve chosen to partner with none other than La Colombe Coffee Roasters. A Philly fixture, La Colombe has roasted and served traditional European coffees since launching in 1994 with five flagship blends.

Dine in or Get it to go

The Spread experience goes far beyond heartiness and great taste. We believe that true hospitality is a star ingredient at the forefront of every in- person and digital experience.


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