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Not all bagels are created equal. At Spread, we know that these days, you can get a bagel just about anywhere. That’s why our mission is to create the best bagel experience possible. That starts with superior ingredients that we thoughtfully procure with our trusted partner companies. In other words, those aren’t just any ‘ole sesame seeds all over your bagel.

We meticulously scrutinize each ingredient and spend a great deal of time training our team to ensure a consistent, high-quality product seven days a week. Our masterful bakers are an integral part of the immersive Spread experience. Guests often enjoy a “live performance” as they watch their bagels coming out of the oven. This means no more guessing how and when your bagels were made. All the action is front and center. We deeply value the collective commitment of our bakers. They rise early each day to build fires that ignite wonder in all of us. They’re committed to excellence – and are motivated by the continual smiles of onlookers. All of our bakers are obsessed with achieving just the right color, crispness, chew, density and overall great taste. We offer an abundance of savory and sweet varieties in all locations, the result of ongoing culinary research and exploration.

Our beautiful, authentic, old-world, wood-fired ovens are the cornerstone of our business. Our intimate process of bagel-making straddles modern and centuries-old methods and leaves the young, as well as the young-at-heart awestruck.