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We’re proud of our Philly roots which is why we’ve chosen to partner with none other than La Colombe Coffee Roasters. A Philly fixture, La Colombe has roasted and served traditional European coffees, espresso and lattes since launching in 1994 with five classic blends. From it’s entry into the coffee world, co-founders Todd Carmichael and Jean-Philippe Iberti have seen impressive growth, with four Philadelphia café locations and more than a handful of others across the US. As one of the early pioneers of direct trade, the prestigious coffee brand prides itself on proactive, long-term relationships with small-holder farms and socially responsible coffee-growing associations. A socially mindful coffee company? That truly aligns with our own company’s moral constructs.

We’re honored to serve La Colombe coffee and tea in all locations. From luscious lattes to their signature Pure Black Cold Brew, our guests rarely leave without pairing their sandwiches with a hot or cold beverage. From espresso-based drinks to innovative twists on popular favorites, there’s truly something for everyone.

If coffee’s not your go-to, we’ve got you covered. We offer plenty of grab-and-go options in our convenient cold case like Natalie’s Juices, Iced tea, assorted sodas and sparkling waters.